The Conscious Buyer

The Conscious Buyer

Sustainability is at the core of Federal Violets brand. This means using recyclable materials, low to zero waste, no overproduction and thus selling our product at a price that helps us maintain sustainability at all levels along our supply chain. We are a small business with strong values operating in an extremely competitive market. When you make a purchase from Federal Violet, you are purchasing a premium product that was not mass produced, but made to order. 

How can you, as a well-meaning consumer, help to create a lasting social and environmental impact that helps our vision becomes a reality?
By supporting the companies who act consciously and think of the common good and of the planet. Large companies operate along a different business model, meaning they can drive down their prices to a desirable low, offer sales with more than 70% discount and produce a surplus of their product. But we have to understand the impact of these companies on the planet. Are these kind of business models sustainability friendly? Probably not. Do their producers get a fair pay? Often not. Do they produce waste? Definitely. Yet, we all operate in the same competitive marketplace and along a huge variation of pricing. 
So, what does it come down to? Consumer values.  

In the last years the numbers of brands that focus on sustainablity have increased. Thanks to these people who care about having a positive effect on the planet, many more consumer options are available now. With even a larger supply of ethical and sustainable products, consumers have more options than ever. Federal Violet is proud to be part of these kind of start-up companies. Because Federal Violet is not a profit driven company, but strives to become a social enterprise that can make a real impact on our global community by selling high quality activewear. By purchasing our products, you are directly contributing to a small business which strives to make a difference. We encourage all our customers to be conscious buyers. Inform yourself about the business, its values, its supply chain and its level of transparency.
Supporting small businesses shortens the connection between you the customer and the supplier, meaning you are directly investing into the product and people whose values you share and support. 

We are passionate about delivering high quality activewear, but we are also driven to navigate this market sustainably and grow our business without jeopardizing our core values. With your support, we can become a strong social enterprise impacting our community through both charitable engagement as well as by providing you with our activewear, which we are so proud of and eager to share with you!   

Team Federal Violet
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