Federal Violet was founded in The Netherlands, by our founder Bani Kamrani. This journey started as soon as she started working as a personal trainer and a health professional. Her passion for fitness and her work was huge, but that also came with a busy schedule. One day she noticed that the need for activewear that would suit her lifestyle is a must, but that she can't be the only one. From that day on she never stopped chasing her dreams to create her own activewear brand that is suitable for all women in and outside the gym.The name Federal Violet is inspired by our founders name: Banafshe, meaning Violet in English. Federal stands for a bond, a strong independent group.Federal Violet stands for all strong women who have been dealing with different challenges in life, yet they try to be the best versions of themselves:  mentally,physically&spiritually



From day one our mission has been to make the female body feel comfortable, confident and athletic with our pieces, wherever and whenever. From the fabric, the design to the fit of each piece; every detail aims to complement the wardrobe of the modern woman. The designs are classic and timeless to make it fit in every season and trend. The brand reflects a sense of sensuality but also strength, encouraging women to celebrate themselves and create an active way of life.



At Federal Violet we are doing our best to be kind to the environment. We are proud of the launch of our second collection: The Form Collection, which is made from recycled materials. Meanwhile we are working hard on future designs which will be made from more sustainable materials. 

All of our packaging and labeling details are recycled and compostable as well. 
We are trying our best to be responsible with each step we take while expanding Federal Violet.

Federal Violet designs are not based upon trends, but on what is best for the female body.  We desire for less, but better quality.
Instead of putting our focus into launching a new collection every month, we seek for low stock & great quality products that can be used every season, regarding the trend. 

But the most important thing is, we believe in the power of our community to create change. Our Federal Community is growing each day and together we can create amazing things. Thank you for joining #thefederals